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Medical school tutoring

Medical School Tutoring

We offer hourly tutoring for medical students during their basic sciences. We help students identifying high yield information that is testable and how to make associations between things they are currently learning and things they have learned. Each approach is personalized and customized to the student’s study habits and current performance level. The majority of our student has been able to increase their test scores by an average of 6%. Below are just some of the things we currently offer to our medical students.


  1. Making schedules to ensure maximum efficiency of time during the day.

  2. We help students make associations between systems

    1. Example

      1. Pernicious anemia is caused by antibody attack on the parietal cells in the stomach, this leads to decreased vitamin B12 deficiency.

      2. Association: Decreased Vitamin B12 makes anemia a macrocytic megaloblastic anemia, so looking at the vignette we expect to see:

        1. Increased MCV >100

        2. Hyper segmented neutrophils

        3. Deficiencies in DNA synthesis

  3. We help students develop test taking strategies that they can implement on the exam

  4. We review content with the student and ensure that the student is able to retain the material

  5. We teach different post-reading strategies for students struggling to find what works best for them.

  6. We provide resources for students such as questions, tables, mnemonics, images, and tricks to aid in memorization and recall of the material.

usmle step1 tutoring

We offer hourly tutoring for medical students during their preparation of STEP 1. We provide different services that help make this journey less daunting for students. Each session is personalized and customized to the students study techniques, resources they are currently using, and timeline on their journey. Below are some things we provide for our students who are currently studying for STEP 1.

  1. Making schedules for those studying for while in year 2 and those who are dedicated, see below for example one week schedule

  2. We review content that the students struggle with together and try to simply difficult concepts.

  3. We do test bank questions together to help identify if there are any improvements that should be made when approaching questions.

  4. We help implement certain test-taking strategies that help improve the time spent per 40 question blocks.

    1. Our students have been able to improve their time by an average of 10 minutes per block.

  5. We review NBMEs with our students and help identify their weaknesses through review

  6. We teach students how to interpret X-Rays, CTs, MRIs, MRAs, etc.

  7. We teach students how to “translate the jargon” seen in the questions.

    1. Example: “Increased reticulocyte differentiation”

      1. Means increased RBC production

We provide resources and recommend certain resources to use during preparation.

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